Welcome to Bubbles and Fleas.com the
online home of Professor Bubblemaker's
Eclectic Entertainments and Preposterous
Pastimes. I am Professor Phineus T.
Bubblemaker purveyor of preposterous and
provoking entertainment ventures. Why,
contained within these very pages, you will
discover my fun and ed-u-cational diversions
into the almost forgotten worlds of soap
bubbles, medicine shows, flea circuses and
other entertainments of days gone by.
      Yes for decades these forms of
entertainment were the state of the art,
cream of the crop, "Hurry Annie run tell your
uncle" don't miss it events of the year! Now,
merely because of a few
paltry advances in radio and television
communications, they are all but forgotten.
Well I, professor Phineus T. Bubblemaker
am here to bring back the memory of days
gone by and teach your children a bit about
history and the amazing impact that history
has had on our world today. My own
personal history can be traced back through
" The Great Kampo " originator of
" Bernie's Circus Calliope
(pronounced Kal-ee-ope) and quite possibly
the first and only person to have played two
calliopes in a duet with himself. So read
these pages, peruse these photographs and
come see my Beautiful Bubble Ballet,
Marvelous Medicine Show, and Fantastic
Flea Circus soon!
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The Shows
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In preparation for the 2014 festival season, I am in rehearsal for several new acts added to the Medicine show and other offerings. One of these is a Japanese street performance art called "Nankin Tamasudare". This is a folding and extending bamboo or wooden mat that is manipulated into various shapes to illustrate a story in poetic form. Another new offering is the addition of "Professor Phineas's Hypnotic Adventures" These comedy hypnosis shows are a step away from any shows that you may have seen before. both the traditional hypnosis show and the story based adventures feature a steampunk look and themed suggestions which will delight the participants and audience alike.

I have more fairs and festivals booking dates all the time, so look for the professor to come to a fair or festival near you, or get your booking in now to avoid losing your dates.
If you have photos, video or recordings of any of professor Bubblemaker's shows, Please email them to