Professor Bubblemaker'sBeautiful Bubble Ballet  features bubbles of all sizes and bubble sculptures such as caterpillars, carousels, square bubbles, snowmen and even a bubble snowglobe as well as giant bubbles and tiny bubbles and bubble snakes that flow gracefully under colored lights choreographed to music.
At night or indoors, the lights and music come on for a truly spectacular bubble and light show choreographed to music This show carries an inspiring message that teaches audiences to never give up on following their dreams. In a fun and amazing way I use my bubble art to inspire kids and adults to keep learning, practicing and trial and error experimentation to do whatever they really want to do. I show the art of bubbles in this show that uses a wide variety of bubblemakeing tools including a segment using nothing but my hands to make and manipulate bubbles lit by tiny LED lights on my fingertips.
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