Professor Bubblemaker's Festival Bubbles is a freeform demostration of bubble art at it's interactive best! You still get bubbles of all sizes and shapes, as well as the bubble sculptures, but as the weather changes it allows different tricks to be done and the audience is encouraged to chase, pop or play with the bubbles.
Imagine the magic of giant bubbles floating around your festival, fair or event. Now if you listen, you can hear the children laughing and squeeling with joy as they chase the bubbles and gasps as they watch bubble sculptures formed with my hands. Then the applause of the adults as they watch the wonderful things that bubbles can do.
Festival bubbles can be in a specific location or done from my strolling bubble cart to find the best locations for your patrons. It is not a specific show, but rather an ongoing entertainment that people can enjoy all day long as they walk from one attraction to another or when they stop to rest and watch the relaxing beautiful bubbles flaoting or watch the kids playing and having active outdoor fun.
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