Professor Phineas's Hypnotic Adventures are hypnosis shows unlike any that you have seen before Whether a standard comedy hypnosis show, strolling "street hypnosis" or a hypnotic adventure in which the hypnotized volunteers become the stars of a funny adventure, the audience and volunteers are entertained and delighted with the power of their own minds.
"MIND TWIST" is a mentalism and hypnosis show in the steampunk style. The first act features Phineas reading minds andmoving objects using the powers of the mind in an old time laboratory setting. Then he invites volunteers onstage, hypnotizes them, brings them into his world of futures past and further demonstrates the powers of the mind in very fun and entertaining ways.
"LOST IN TIME" is a steampunk adventure in which volunteers become the leading characters of an adventure story that takes them from a ride in an airship to ultimately finding and returning the time machine to save the future of humanity. The story takes funny and interesting turns and twists depending on the reactions of the hypnotized volunteers making each show different and a hilarious adventure for volunteers and audience alike.
I am also available to do strolling "street hypnosis"at your event or perform small group hypnosis for parties and smaller events. These one on one or smaller group hypnosis mini shows are a fun and unexpected delight where I work with few volunteers and for smaller crowds, we do a short mini set of fun and entertaining skits or suggestions and thenemerge the subject and stroll on to another group. For smaller parties we work with two or three subjects at a time and let the rest of the guests be the audience, then we can emerge them and let someone else have some fun!
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