The Marvelous Medicine Show and the Fantastic Flea Circus are currently being rewritten as a full stage theatrical production as originally intended. Neither show will be available for the 2017 Season, but their return is anticipated for winter 2018 for theater bookings.

We appologize for the inconvenience and are sure that you will find the new show an amazing evening of entertainment.
You will meet a cowboy storyteller (Possum Tucker Bubblemaker), a flea circus ringmaster  (Col. Phelan Tiberius Bubblemaker) and of course, the medicine show pitchman and host (Professor Phineas T. Bubblemaker)
~~ Please Note~~
There are now two versions of the Marvelous Medicine Show. The original medicine show and the NEW School version "The Great American Flim Flam Show", which has a bit less bubble art and condensed magic and flea circus segments, but has been crafted to fulfill teaching objectives in American History. This program truly makes learning history fun and interesting for students or living history patrons.
If you have photos, video or recordings of any of professor Bubblemaker's shows, Please email them to